Garden Ants, or Black Ants usually emerge in Spring and can stay for several months. Ants arent "dirty" pests, its the sheer numbers that can be overwhelming.

We do ask that you DO NOT try to treat the ants yourselves. You will more than likely just kill off a few that are on the surface and not not touch the nest itself, and your attempt will probably make the professional treatment much harder.

Please email if you have an Ants nest in the Middlesbrough area and we will have a technician at yours as soon as is possible.

As well as the standard Black Ant, there are also other ants such as the Pharaoh ant and Argentine Ant. Pharaohs Ant can be notoriously difficut to eradicte, and an amateur attempt will actally make the problem worse as the main colony will break off into satellite sub colonies

Black Ant Treatments start from £45 a visit