For a quick and effective wasp nest treatment in the Middlesbrough area call 07792 868487 straight away or email info@exopest.co.uk.

We will have a technician to your door usually within a few hours, who should be able to treat your Wasp nest issue quickly and effectively .

Often we can perform a wasp nest removal, physically taking the wasp nest away, but sometimes, due to size and location, this is not possible, and if this is the case we will treat it in-situ. Once treated, the wasp nest should be killed off in a matter of minutes.

No matter the size, we will always recommend you use a professional pest control company to treat your nest. Anaphylactic shock is a very real danger and treating nests yourself can lead to not one, but several stings.

Here in Middlesbrough, Wasp nests usually become properly active mid-June. If your getting activity before that its probably honey bees.

Honey bees are not classed as a pest and only in very rare circumstances do Exopest technicians treat bees. We would ask you to google specialist bee keepers in the local area, who will be willing to come round and collect  the swarm.

Wasp Nest Treatments start from just £50 a nest

Call 07792 868487 for a prompt service